Special Issue Family Business and Sustainable Development

Special Issue Sustainability Performance in the Tourism Sector

Tourism companies need to do more to develop innovative competitive strategies that, apart from allowing them to identify and defend a unique position in the market, provide SDG-based solutions to growing social and environmental problems.

There is growing demand for tourism companies to adapt their business models around sustainability and the circular economy in response to the massive social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

How technology-based firms become also highly innovative firms? The role of knowledge, technological and managerial capabilities, and entrepreneurs’ background

Artículo empírico publicado en Journal of Innovation & Knowledge en Julio de 2018 por Sergio Camisón Haba, José Clemente Almendros y Tomás González Cruz.

Information assets: A typology of disclosed and non-disclosed information

Artículo empírico publicado en Technological Forecasting and Social Change, en noviembre de 2020, por Sergio Camisón-Haba y Tomás González-Cruz.